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I watched the application video, but still need more info on applying my Inbloom Sticker.  Can you help?

      • Our stickers have three layers – the backing paper, the vinyl sticker and the clear transfer tape.
      • Start at a corner of the sticker where there is no vinyl and separate the baking paper from the transfer tape and fold the paper back on itself (forming a crease in the paper) and place on a flat surface, tape side down, paper side up.
      • I’m right-handed so I use my left index finger and hold the tape down on the surface.  The sticky side is up, but only touch the tape.  Don’t touch any of the vinyl.
      • Now with my right hand, I slowly pull the paper back.  If there is enough of the paper that is folded back onto itself, I actually put my fingertips on the folded back paper and press down and pull my right hand to the right.  So in this case, I’m not grabbing the paper - it is the friction between my fingertips and paper that makes this work and I kind of am rolling the paper to the right and pulling off of the tape.  
      • So do this very, very slowly.  If you see the vinyl sticking to the paper, just reverse the motion so the vinyl goes back to the tape and try again making sure that the paper is folded back (creased) on itself.  Also, you might press the vinyl back on the tape by pressing the paper behind where the stubborn vinyl is.  Then try again by folding the paper back on itself (creasing it), put your fingertips on the waxy side of the paper and drawing your right hand to the right.
      • The key is the paper folded back on itself (creased).  It is that crease in the paper that makes this work.  Technically speaking, we’re relying on the stiffness of the vinyl to break the adhesion between the vinyl and the paper.
      • Continue very slowly with drawing your right hand to the right reversing and re-creasing the paper as you go when you encounter a stubborn section of vinyl.
      • Once the paper is off of the tape and all of the vinyl still on the tape, apply the tape (with vinyl) to your application location.  Press the vinyl down through the tape.
      • When removing the tape, again start in a corner without any vinyl near, and use the same “fold back on itself” technique with the tape.  Peel the tape slowly off the same as you did with the paper.
      • I’ve done a bunch of these things and it can take up to 2-4 minutes to do this.
      • Reach out to us if you have any questions!

      Does Inbloom sell their stickers at wholesale prices/volumes?


      Yes we do!  If you have a reseller’s permit and are interested in carrying our stickers, reach out to us and we can help you with a program that will work well for your location and clientele.


      Can I track my purchase to an international address?


      Yes….and no…. If you have a shipping address outside of the United States and request tracking, you’ll receive an email containing the tracking information.  This information can be used to track the shipment up until it leaves the United States.  At that point, we lose the ability to track the shipment, but you will know that the shipment left the US.  From that point, shipments can take up to 2-3 weeks to reach the final destination.


      Does Inbloom produce custom stickers?


      Heck yeah, we do!!  If you have a single-color logo or design that you want to make into a “Sticker with an Edge”, we’d be glad to discuss it with you.  The required volume depends on the size and our artists’ time, but generally in the neighborhood of an order for 200-300 stickers.  We’ve done customs for: craft brewers, clubs, bands, schools, stores and equipment manufacturers.  Give us a call or email and we can start the process!