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771 Cowboy Dad Sticker 2.8" x 5.3"

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771 Cowboy Dad Sticker 2.8" x 5.3"


  • Product Description

      Gettyup little doggy! Yeeeeah haaaaa! Ok, that was weird. But this sticker isn't. I mean what cowboy sticker have you seen like this that isnt cool? If your dad is a country loving fool, maybe this is the sticker to represent him on the back of your car window for the family line-up? Hey, did you know Inbloom Stickers are made from vinyl? It is true which means they last longer than a country mile.  Note: The "Size" dimensions of each sticker refers to the paper backing it is made on. The actual sticker size varies for each character to make them look proportionate when placed together. Dad's are the tallest and the kids and pets are the smallest. If you have kids that are larger than the parents, we are very sorry about that. :-)
      Made in the USA

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    • Variant: White
    • SKU: 771 White
    • Product Type: Shorty